Apple has removed the claim that iTunes is "fair to the artists" from their website!

October 23- Two months ago we criticized Apple for claiming that the iTunes Music Store was fair to artists when that was clearly not the case. Our server logs show that Apple employees have visited our site, and a few days ago, Apple modified their iTunes page. While they added much more detail in several sections, they completely removed the claim that iTunes is "fair to the artists and record labels."

Here's a screenshot of the original Apple iTunes Music Store page:
For the moment, you can still see this page on Apple Asia and in the Google cache of (These links will probably start showing the modified page in a few days as Apple's changes work their way through.)

The new, modified Music Store page completely removes this section and no longer claims anywhere that iTunes is fair to artists. So at least Apple's not directly misleading their customers anymore.

But while this is one way to get out of it, it would be better if Apple changed what it's actually doing instead of just what it's saying. We'd rather see Apple accept the challenge we posed on our iTunes critique: display the cut that musicians receive right next to the price, or even just provide us the option to display the musician's cut. It would show customers a lot about how the music industry really works and would encourage people to buy music from independent labels, which usually give artists a better deal. iTunes could be a force for positive change in the music industry and would be something that everyone could support wholeheartedly (including us).

Or here's another way to win us over-- give 1,000 schools a G5 and some help setting up a recording studio. You'd be training future customers, it would be wonderful P.R., and most of all, some kids who can't afford a Mac would have a chance to make music just like the pros. That could really change the industry. (and we promise we'll take down the iTunes iSbogus page)

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